Oyster Spat baskets: Ease of access, peace of mind

Handling oyster spat has always been one of the trickier parts of oyster farming. Bulky trays can be cumbersome and sometimes require 2 people to manage. It can also be difficult to access stock for regular grading and often...

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Seapa USA Teaching the Next Generation of Oyster Farmers

A new group of students have just completed the Tallahassee Community College’s Oyster Aquaculture Program, which teaches people how to start their own business in oyster farming. Students learn about Seapa’s world leading oyster farming system and are led...

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Farmers from Mexico Share Their Knowledge

Seapa has recently been fortunate enough to host visitors from Mexico, who have come to learn more about the Australian oyster industry and also share their knowledge about oyster farming. Sergio Guevara, Roger Frias and Juan Carlos Lapuente Landero...

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SEAPA shares oyster farming history on the Pacific Coast of the USA

This year marks the 70th Annual Shellfish Conference & Tradeshow for the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA) and Seapa will be there to celebrate and catch up with our customers and friends. In addition to discussing developments in...

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Seapa Improves its Most Versatile Basket Offering

Seapa originally launched it’s 25-litre Seapa basket in 2009 and since this time it has become a popular option for farmers looking for a larger alternative to the original 15-litre offering. Many sites in the US experience fast grow...

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Seapa Article – Aquaculture North America Sep/Oct 2015

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SEAPA Oyster Gauge

A very handy tool, and a great promotional and marketing product for your company The SEAPA oyster gauge is now available to measure your oysters! With our manufacturing ability we can also custom make these gauges for your company...

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Seapa @ MONA Museum Tasmania

Who knew SEAPA Oyster baskets could also be used as Art! Display at the MONA Museum in Hobart, Tasmania. SEAPA 15L Oyster Baskets are used in a display including lights inside the baskets!

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With another season of wild winter weather, we have been receiving outstanding results of the StormBreaker system. A recent report from Pittwater in Tasmania has told of 50+ knot (100+km/h) winds for nearly 3 days solid. The StormBreaker gear...

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Japanese Delegation Tasmania Tour

Three years ago, the tsunami in Japan destroyed 98% of the oyster industry in Tohoku area alone. As part of a collaboration between the Australian Industry Trade, Shellfish Culture, SED graders and Seapa, a delegation of 12 farmers across...

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